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About us

Nowadays we can enjoy the existance of many oppurtunitiees that are relied on the industries and for using these kind of stuff, we shall be grateful for industries. Lets us draw your kind attention to the fact that by relying on vehicles such as airplanes, trains, and buses, we can move around easily, by relying on power plants and water treatment plants, we can benefit from water and electricity energy, and by relying on other dimensions of science and industry, we have been able to have a brighter vision of the future. In today's world, where we are facing issues such as increasing population, expansion of urban life, mechanization and digitization of industries, etc., being able of continuing the industry cycle and keeping it up to date is a real challenge. Arzhan Tajhiz Company started its activity in 2019 and was officially established in Tehran in 1401. With the benefit of experienced engineers and specialists, this company has made all its efforts to continue the movement of the wheels of the industry and to serve the activists in the chain of steel, oil and petrochemical, cement and power plant industries.
  Our honorable country is facing the problem of providing all kinds of parts and industrial equipment from the most reliable brands and this fact has reduced the efficiency of our industries. In fact, what Arzhan Tajhiz offers is an capacity for innovation in order to improve the performance and optimization of factories and an opportunity for industrial technicians to facilitate and accelerate their movement with the facilities that we are proud to offer. Do Remember that
the industry is where the smallest change and adjustment can make a big difference. It is hoped that we can take a small step in improving the industry of our beloved country, Iran.

"Be difference with us"